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How many times have you heard a friend saying that they feel down and you immediately told them to look for something fun to do? After all, you reasoned that they will forget what is making them sad once they are busy. It seemed so easy to you but to them, they looked lost. They just could not seem to get away from the wave of sadness they had. But was it really just a case of sadness?

Well, your friend may be suffering from depression and you don’t even know it. You see depression is characterized by a wave of sadness that does not go away. The person may be irritable and anxious. They might not sleep well or eat well. It does not matter whether it’s a child or an adult, anyone can be depressed. It is a health disorder that they cannot shake off. Actually, they need a doctor and medication.

Sometimes people do not realize how bad it is until the person tries to take their own life. Depression gives a person suicidal thoughts because they have lost all hope in life. Children have been known to commit suicide when they fail the national exams in Kenya. Some adults kill themselves when they lose a job and hard times hit them. Papa Dennis, a Kenyan singer who recently passed away was said to be suffering from depression.

Robin Williams, an American actor allegedly committed suicide after a long bout of depression. He was a comedian who made others laugh, but he was sick. Do not be deceived by a person who has constant mood swings. They are not ok, they need help. Constant pressure on people is a cause of depression. A person may have such high ideals to the extent that they feel overwhelmed. If you recognize some of the symptoms mentioned here, please see a doctor. You cannot battle depression alone. You need to talk therapy as well as medication.

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