Young COVID-19 patients more likely to lose sense of smell than older patients


A new study conducted by the Irish researchers has found out that younger people with COVID-19 are more likely to lose their sense of smell and taste than older patients.

The researchers examined 46 infected patients who were asked to assess changes to their smell, known as anosmia, and taste, known as ageusia whereby about half of the participants experienced smell and taste dysfunction, which is a known symptom of the infectious disease.

As posted by the daily mail, It is believed that loss of smell is caused by the virus infiltrating cells which give key structural support to sensory neurons. It’s possible that loss of smell and taste in young patients may appear instead of more significant symptoms such as the cough and fever while older people are generally more vulnerable to other effects of COVID-19.
Therefore, people should self-isolate if they lose their sense of smell or taste because it is officially recognized symptom of the disease.

However, this is not the first study to draw a link between loss of taste and smell and younger patients. An Italian study published in Clinical Infectious Diseases and Menni et al. also reported that smell and taste disturbances were predictive for the presence of COVID-19 mostly in younger patients.

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