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Zari’s message to her daughter Tiffah


Zarinah Hassan, commonly known as Zari Hassan, a Ugandan socialite, musician and businesswoman, who resides in South Africa is one proud mom. The mother of five yesterday celebrated her son Nillan’s victory after he was crowned East Africa’s most stylish celebrity boy of the year in the 2020 EAFA.

Today Zari is a more proud mum as her daughter Lattifah Dangote turns five years old. Zari took to Instagram to celebrate Tiffah’s 5th birthday.

“Once upon a time far a way in the land of Tegeta-Madale, a princess was born & and the people of the land were excited for her arrival. Her name was at @princess_tiffah….She continues growing gracefully & beautifully before the people’s eyes except with a bit of drama. Her story is amazing one….and still continuous. Happy birthday lil ma 💕🎂 Always praying for you🙏”, Zari shared.

Its evident that Tiffah has won a lot of people’s heart not only because of her parents being celebrities but because she is also smart.
Many people went ahead wishing the young princess birthday wishes with Diamond Platinumz who is the birthday girl’s father also wishing her birthday wishes as Mama Dangote her grandmother not being left behind.

Happy birthday Tiffah!

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